fdi discount pharmacy cardsOn January 12, 2011 Financial Destination Inc launched the start of their FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards program.  With the rising cost of Health Care and the continuous decline in discretionary income, the FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards couldn’t have come at a better time.

Financial Destination Inc (FDI) is a marketing company with benefits that pay you.  FDI was founded in June of 2003 with the purpose to help Americans save money, make money, and create wealth through a suite of products and services ranging from financial and legal services, discounted health and wellness, personal concierge services, and telecommunications.

How the FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards all started

The FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards have been a benefit of paying FDI Members and Representatives for over 4 years.  Not until January 2011 has founder and CEO William Anreoli worked out a discount program through HealthTrans to make this a free benefit to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a paying customer and/or representative of FDI.

HealthTrans is a privately held company formed in 2000 and based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The company processes approximately 100 million claims annually for clients, representing 15.3 million lives and approximately $4 billion in prescription drug spend. HealtTrans has an experience staff, with a history in managed care dating back to the mid-1980s.

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In the first 8 weeks since launching the FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards the FDI representatives have saved Americans over $257,000 adding more than 15,600 customers to the company.

How do the FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards Work?

The FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards work in two ways:

1.  The front of the FDI Discount Pharmacy Card has all the information the pharmacy needs for immediate savings of up to 85% on both brand and generic pharmacy drugs at more than 60,000 locations nation wide.  There is no activation or paperwork required and the cards can be used immediately for instant savings.  The group number on the front of the card contains the FDI representative’s identification number so the usage of the cards can be traced back to the representative for compensation.

2.  The back of the card acts as a business card showing people how they too can make money passing out free FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards.  This is a genius marketing tool as it levels the playing field for everyone to win.  The first two steps of FDI’s simple business building system are on the back of the card so the person can 1) call a toll free 800 to listen to a brief overview of how they can make money handing Free FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards and 2) contact the representative whose name, phone number and website is on the back of the card.

So Can You Make Money Handing Out Free FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards?

Absolutely.  Because of the relationship with HealthTrans, FDI is able to pay their distributors a usage bonus every time a card is used with their FDI ID number.  One of the best benefits is that the cards never expire and once the pharmacy enters the information into their system it will remain in their system just like your insurance card information would.

Is This The Right Opportunity For You?

One of the things you should consider when evaluating a home based business is the market for your product/service and whether or not the use of the product/service will change people’s lifestyle.  People are creatures of habit and very rarely like change.  Unlike offering a product such as juice, lotion, coins, vitamins and the list goes on that people wouldn’t normally buy and/or use, the free FDI Discount Pharmcy Cards is something that people are going to use anyway and can immediately increase their cash flow without changing anything in what they’re doing.  One out of every 2 Americans purchase prescription drugs …

Thomas Pacheco is a National Training Director with FDI and lives 20 minutes North of FDI’s Corporate Office in NH.  As an expert online marketer, he has been able to combine both his offline and online marketing strategies to grow his business into more than 23 states across the US.  If you are thinking about joining FDI, you want to partner with fastest growing team and with someone who can show you how to build a successful business both online and offline.  Click Here Now to download your Free FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards and to get in contact with one of FDI’s Top Producers or call Tom at 603-325-4754.

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